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  1. Which websites can I import recipes from?
    You should be able to import most recipes found in the internet. The popular ones that users visit are AllRecipes, AllRecipes (AU), AllRecipes (UK), BBC Good Food, Better Homes & Gardens, Betty Crocker, Bite (NZ), Bon Appetit, Cooking Channel TV, Cooking Light, Delia Online, Diabetic Living Online/a>, Eating Well, Epicurious, Fast Paleo, Fat Free Vegan Kitchen, Fine Cooking, Food Network, Food Network (CA), Food Network (UK),, Food52, Good Housekeeping, Jamie Oliver, Kraft Recipes, Martha Stewart, MyRecipes, Naturally Ella, New York Times, PaleOMG, Paleo Plan, Pillsbury, Real Simple, Saveur, Serious Eats, Simply Recipes, Skinny Taste, Tablespoon, Taste of Home,, The Pioneer Woman, Thermomix, Vegetarian Times, Weber, Whole Foods. There are certain blogs and websites that use unconventional recipe formatting and the app won't be able to import recipes from those sites. In such cases, you can use MealBoard's web interface to copy-paste recipes from those sites.

  2. What username and PIN do I use to log in to the website and use the web interface?
    Before you can log in, you need to cloud sync your data from the app. Go to Settings -> Cloud Sync -> Account Setup. Choose your own username and pin and tap the Create Account button. Then, use the same username and pin to log in to the website.

  3. Is the app loaded with recipes that I can use?
    The app comes with a small set of recipes but these recipes are for illustrative purposes only. The intent of the app is to have users input their own recipes and use those recipes to plan their meals and groceries. You can also import recipes from supported websites.

  4. How do I import recipes using the web interface?
    You can follow these steps:
    1. Using your computer's web browser, go to
    2. Click the Login link located in the upper right.
    3. Sign in using the cloud account you created.
    4. Once logged in, click Import Recipes on the left panel.
    5. Click the Food Network link. This will open a new browser tab.
    6. Navigate to the recipe you'd like to import.
    7. Copy the recipe location (URL).
    8. Go back to the MealBoard website and paste the recipe location into the text box.
    9. Click the Import button.
    10. Review the recipe, make corrections, then click the Save button.

  5. How can I get a recipe I found from some unsupported website?
    You can use the app's web interface to copy-paste recipes from any website. It’s quite simple to do and is almost as easy as importing (you can copy-paste the whole ingredient list). You'll need to create your account from the app (open the app and go to Settings->Cloud Sync and tap Account Setup), then log in at from your computer.

  6. How do I convert the units of measurement from Imperial to Metric system?
    The recipes that come preloaded in the app are in Imperial measurements, and there is no way to automatically convert them to Metric measurements. But when you add your recipes, you can input Metric measurements and the app will work fine with it.

  7. How do I edit the meals in a template?
    You will need to load the template into your empty meal plan, edit the plan, and save it as a template using the same name.

  8. Some ingredients from my meal plan are not showing up in the shopping list after I synced my shopping list. Why is wrong?
    There are 2 things that I would check:
    1. You might be looking at a specific store only. If you're using the iPhone, tap the shopping screen title (top center of the screen) to show the list of stores, and tap All Stores/All Items. If you're using the iPad, tap the All Stores/All Items on the left.
    2. Check the settings of the ingredients that are missing. From the meal plan screen, tap a recipe which has some of the ingredients not showing up in the shopping list. Then, tap the pencil icon to edit the recipe, then tap Ingredients and tap an ingredient that is missing. You'll find a switch labelled "Show In Groceries". Make sure that switch is On if you want the ingredient to show up in the shopping list.

  9. How do I add or remove items from the pantry inventory?
    Items get automatically added to the pantry in two ways: (1) when you add a new ingredient to a food item, and (2) when you add a new grocery item to the grocery list. In addition, you can manually add an item to the pantry by tapping the + button. To remove an item, swipe on the item (slide your finger across it from right to left) and tap the Delete button.

  10. How do I backup my data?
    Go to Settings -> Cloud Sync and tap the sync button. This will backup your data and download changes made from the web interface and from other devices (if you share data between devices).

  11. How do I send the shopping list to my husband/spouse?
    You can send the shopping list as email, or if your husband also has MealBoard on his iPhone/iPod Touch, you can share the same cloud sync account.